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Discuss. Engage. Understand.

Q’nversations bring facilitated conversations, activities and discussions to you and your group to promote a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ identities and issues.

Join us in building an inclusive College of Charleston community and request a Q'nversation on one of our most-engaging topics:


Building Inclusive Communities

This Q'nversation is your best option for an introductory level discussion. We will review the LGBTQ+ acronym and discuss ways in which your group, class, office, etc. can ensure the inclusion and representation of the Queer community in its activities, policies, and interactions.

Trans 101

This Q'nverstation provides a focus on topics related specifically to gender identity and gender expression. Participants will be able to identify unique issues facing transgender and gender-expansive communities, articulate appropriate terminology, and increase their skill levels in supporting transgender and gender-expansive individuals.

Everyday Discrimination

During this discussion, we will examine the microaggressions and everyday challenges members of the LGBTQ+ community face in their daily lives. We will highlight the impact of everyday discrimination on mental health, and discuss ways in which we can identify and dismantle harmful language and practices in our communities.

Ally is a Verb

Participants in this Q'nverstation will discuss behaviors associated with being an ally and are given an opportunity to practice being an ally via scenarios and role-playing. Emphasis is placed on moving from performative allyship to direct action.

Vocabulary Extravaganza

An opportunity for participants to increase their breadth and depth of LGBTQ+ related vocabulary.

LGBTQ+ History

Take a walk through the history of the LGBTQ+ rights movement in the United States and Charleston from the 1950s to today and learn more about the current struggles for justice and equality.

Disentangling Gender, Sex & Sexuality

Facilitators will help disentangle the concepts of gender, biological sex, demystify the concepts of gender, sex, sexual orientation, and sexual attraction from one another. Participants will discuss the (mis)information they have learned about the biology of sex, demystify the concept of gender, and reframe sexual orientation using a framework that goes beyond gender-based attraction.

Request a Specialized Training

The Gender & Sexuality Equity Center can facilitate a Q’nversation to meet the needs of your club, organization, classroom, or office! If you are interested in scheduling a specialized Q’nversation please contact Dr. Naomi Simmons