Successfully Funded Projects

  • Contemporary forum exhibition on Androgyny
  • Tabling event on Cougar Mall to promote Watchdog App and safety
  • Screening of video produced by students based on interviews conducted on campus about attitudes towards women’s roles in the workplace
  • Tabling and Mirror reaffirmation event empowering young women to think positively about their bodies.
  • Gender Neutral Restroom Audit - Isabel Williams
    • Isabel Williams, an undergraduate student studying Political Science, observed that the confusing signage and unnecessary sex segregation of single stall restrooms on campus were creating barriers to full accessibility and equity for students who prefer to use gender neutral restrooms for their personal safety and comfort. Along with the help of other students, Williams surveyed all of the restrooms on campus in order to determine their current status and logged this information into a database. These researchers determined whether or not each restroom could be considered gender neutral or sex-segregated, the sign (if any) they currently exhibited, and their status as handicap accessible or not.This research culminated in the finding that through simple signage changes, 17 new gender neutral restrooms could be created which were formerly sex-segregated single occupancy restrooms.  This would also provide a clearer visual presence on campus of gender neutrality.  When the audit was completed, Williams presented her findings to CofC administrators during budget negotiations, with an estimated cost of the re-signing.
  • “Dust in Their Veins” Art Exhibition 
    • For this project, committee members of the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC) invited artist Candace Hunter to travel to campus and install her traveling exhibition “Dust in their Veins: A Visual Response the Global Water Crisis” in the Avery Research Center. The exhibition used visual art to open discussion surrounding inequalities in access to clean water. The event accompanying the exhibition’s installation was a gallery opening which included a speech by the artist addressing the global water crisis and her artistic response to this issue. The event’s planning required coordination of different departments on campus in order to provide funding and a space for the event to occur as well as budgeting for the artist’s (and the art’s) travel  and stay, as well as advertising to make the event known to the campus community.

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