Charleston Area Religious Communities Open & Affirming for LGTBQ+ Individuals

We understand the following list of Charleston area religious organizations to sustain a positive attitude on the part of both congregation and ministry or community leadership towards potential members who are openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or in some other sense 'queerly-gendered', both as individuals and as couples.  I.e., these religious communities will be welcoming and non-judgmental toward such individuals, and will not advocate either reparative therapy or permanent celibacy.  We do not assume, however, that all these religious organizations would be equally willing to conduct formal same-sex or transgendered relationship marriages.  Some Christian churches, for example, have to answer to higher institutional authorities within their own denomination on such formal policy issues.  Interested parties should therefore consult with individual pastors or congregation leaders about the partnership sanctification question.

Circular Congregational Church [United Church of Christ]

Kahal Kadash Beth Elohim [Jewish Reformed]

St. Johannes Lutheran Church [Evangelical Lutheran Church in America]

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church [Episcopalian]

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church [Episcopalian] 

Unitarian Church in Charleston [Unitarian Universalist] 

Unity of Charleston [Unity Worldwide Ministries]

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