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Transgender Students, Faculty and Staff:

Name and Pronoun Statement

The College of Charleston recognizes that as a community, many of its members use first names other than their legal names to identify themselves. Our campus is beginning a phased implementation of a Preferred First Name process in Fall 2018.  A preferred first name is a name that one would commonly use that is different from the legal first name. Other than cases where legal name is required, this is the name that will be used whenever possible in the course of College of Charleston business and education. 

Information about a name change request can be found at:

Faculty members:

A simple statement in the syllabus to invite a quick note on name or gender pronoun choices enhances the inclusivity of your course.

GSEC recommends the following statement for your syllabi:

I will gladly honor your request to address you by the name and gender pronouns of your choice.  Please advise me of this early in the semester via your college-issued email account or during office hours so that I may make the appropriate notation on my class list.

Below is a list of campus restrooms converted to Gender Neutral facilities to date:

Academic Facilities

·       School of Sciences and Mathematics, 2nd Floor

·       Multicultural Center and Center for International Studies

·       Lightsey Center, 3rd Floor

·       New Student Programs

·       Student Health Services

·       5 College Way (Department of English)

·       7 College (Communication Faculty Offices)

·       9 College (Department of Communication)

·       14 Coming (Master of Public Administration)

·       26 Coming (Political Science Faculty Offices)

·       69 Coming (Higdon Leadership Center)

·       55 Coming (Psychology Faculty Offices)

·       57 Coming (Department of Psychology)

·       55 Coming (Psychology Faculty Offices)

·       Stern Student Center, 2nd Floor

·       Silcox Center, 3rd & 4th Floors

·       67 George (Residence Life)

·       72 George (English Faculty Offices)

·       74 George (English Faculty Offices)

·       4 Glebe (Department of Religious Studies)

·       9 Glebe (International Studies Program)

·       11 Glebe (School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs)

·       14 Glebe (Department of Philosophy)

·       16 Glebe (Philosophy Faculty Offices)

·       22 Glebe (English Faculty Offices)

·       26 Glebe (English Faculty Offices)

·       2 Green Way (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

·       4 Green Way (Mathematics Faculty Offices)

·       6 Green Way (Honors College)

·       10 Green Way (Honors College)

·       14 Green Way (Office of Sustainability)

·       14A Green Way (under construction)

·       19 St Philip (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)

·       88 Wentworth (Sociology and Anthropology Faculty Offices)

·       93 Wentworth (Early Childhood Development Center, two GN restrooms total)

·       97 Wentworth (NPHC House)

·       97A Wentworth (Fraternity and Sorority Life)

·       112-114 Wentworth (Department of Political Science)

·       Harbor Walk East, Suite 105 (three GN restrooms total)

·       Harbor Walk West

·       North Campus (One on each floor)

Housing Facilities

-  10 Warren Place: One restroom in 1st Floor Lobby (behind security desk)

- Kelly House: One restroom in 1st Floor Lobby (across from security desk)

- McAlister Hall: One restroom in 1st Floor Lobby (across from security desk)

- Berry Hall: Two restrooms on 1st Floor by Honors Classroom

- Buist Rivers Hall: One restroom on 1st Floor in service corridor between office 108 and staff apartment

-  Rutledge Rivers Hall: One restroom on 1st Floor

- Craig Hall: One restroom in 1st Floor Lobby (next to security desk)

- Liberty Street Hall: Five total, one each on floors 1-4 across from the community rooms; one on 1st floor in the RHD office suite.

College of Charleston Special Collections:

The Special Collections division at the College of Charleston is pleased to offer a corollary geographic touchstone of Charleston’s queer history and beginning the task of documenting the presence of the LGBTTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, and Agender) community as well as their allies, in the lowcountry. The Real Rainbow Row project attests to a strong and vibrant queer past in Charleston and seeks to restore these individuals to their rightful place in our story.

The Real Rainbow Row Charleston's Queer History:

Project Authors: Harlan Greene and Dr. Sandy Slater
Technology Coordinators: Heather Gilbert and Olivia Miller
Special Collections Research and Content Assistance: Annika LigerTT

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College of Charleston Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP):

  • Quality Enhancement Plan Sustainability Literacy: A Bridge to Addressing 21st-Century Problems
  • OUT for Sustainability (Links to Earth Gay, Fab Planet, Greener Pride) - How the LGBTQ community can advocate for social and environmentally sustainable practices

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