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Transgender Inclusion Statement

Transgender students, faculty and staff

We expect faculty, staff and your peers on campus to honor your self-determination to use the names and pronouns of your choice. Please inform faculty members, campus employees and peers with whom you interact of the names and pronouns that you use. The College is working to enable more consistent use of these choices in our computing systems. Until those processes are officially in place, please contact the GSEC committee should you have any questions or need support in notifying members of our community about your first name choice.

Faculty members:

A simple statement in the syllabus to invite a quick note on name or gender pronoun choices enhances the inclusivity of your course.

GSEC recommends the following statement for your syllabi:

I will gladly honor your request to address you by the name and gender pronouns of your choice.  Please advise me of this early in the semester via your college-issued email account or during office hours so that I may make the appropriate notation on my class list.

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