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GSEC's Philosophy and Practices

In compliance with and support of the College of Charleston non-discrimination policies, GSEC promotes equality that includes non-discrimination policies and equal protection for all individuals regardless of ability, race, class, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation or religion. We advocate for a culture of resistance against inequality, judgment, prejudice and bias in all its forms.

GSEC Director: Hollis France

GSEC Faculty & Staff Board Members: Hollis France (Director), Kristi Brian, Seaton Brown, Nate Lyles, Deb Mihal, Mindy Miley (webmaster), Ian Sullivan, and Joy Vandervort-Cobb.

College of Charleston Special Collections:

The Special Collections division at the College of Charleston is pleased to offer a corollary geographic touchstone of Charleston’s queer history and beginning the task of documenting the presence of the LGBTTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, and Agender) community as well as their allies, in the lowcountry. The Real Rainbow Row project attests to a strong and vibrant queer past in Charleston and seeks to restore these individuals to their rightful place in our story.

The Real Rainbow Row Charleston's Queer History:

Project Authors: Harlan Greene and Dr. Sandy Slater
Technology Coordinators: Heather Gilbert and Olivia Miller
Special Collections Research and Content Assistance: Annika LigerTT


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